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Tui the African Grey has a Tantrum. When parrots attack! Parrot gives a verbal bashing

Tui my African Grey Parrot shows an understanding of the words and tone used to express them when she has a tantrum and unleashes a verbal bashing. This was the first and only time she did this, and you will see I made a bird talking training mistake of not ignoring it. I should have not given positive reinforcement but I was surprised she had heard and learnt how to yell and scream.

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  1. dheevesh16 says:

    dont worry, just joking

  2. dheevesh16 says:

    i buy your bird for 10000 dollars

  3. kim walker says:

    amazin. heard its gone did it die? or fly away any1 know.

  4. AnneLien1987 says:

    It is rather sad to be honest. The bird only says these things because she hears it all the time. I have an african grey too, so I know them. Mine only says nice things

  5. MetaKittie says:

    You don’t even need a wife. This parrot is perfect at telling you off. (joking)

  6. petervandriell says:

    Parrot: You will respect my authoriteh.

  7. Michael Craig George McGee says:

    A real comedian

  8. Spiritseeker222 says:

    OMG funny bird 😉

  9. slou124 says:

    What are you doing? Shut up!

  10. 92MattGM says:

    Gorgeous bird

  11. MrBonglove says:

    lmao he told you!

  12. Zingler2010 says:

    Stop it.
    Stop it.

  13. CaroleinOr says:

    I miss Tui
    Wish you still had her. I hope that she is being well taken care of. Miss your posts Kiwi

  14. olijack1 says:

    I know you must miss Tui! I watch her videos all the time and show her to my African grey. You did an awesome job with her. I wish you could have found her. I know she loved you!

  15. thunderbearstrike says:

    1:51 ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I told y-‘ ‘Shut up!’

  16. MrHellspawn56 says:

    its obvious the bird can only say it cause the owner is constantly yelling at it and being mean!

  17. OneBravado says:

    Beth Gwara.. piss off. He can teach his bird to say whatever he likes.

  18. twisted8221 says:

    I would like to know where you got that spinning treat holder or the name of it. The one at the the end of the videos tui says look peanuts. Wow!!

  19. beth gwara says:

    yes, you made several bird training mistakes. i hope you learned your lesson. its sad that people like this because an animal is saying “i’ll kick your ass” that it learned from its trusted owner yelling at it. you should not punish a parrot for being loud. if you wanted a quiet pet you shouldn’t have paid a lot of money for an animal from the african jungle.

  20. Sarah Smith says:

    OH MY GOD, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. 1:01 , I’ll kick your ass!

  21. chazi2000 says:

    Thumbs up

  22. NintendoBro10000 says:

    I’ll kick your ass.

  23. jjjjjokerface says:

    Now tell me that parrots don’t understand what they are saying!

  24. tuffguyzwearpink says:

    “What’re you doin’?”
    “I told yo-”
    Lmfao, I died.

  25. posvibration21 says:

    @universalradio Shut the fuck up mr high and mighty.

  26. posvibration21 says:

    I flipped when the bird said peanuts.

  27. Peace420eva says:


    I wanna get an AGP and teach him/her “WANNA GET HIGH?” “Weed Nigga” and stuff!

    Man u and Tui rock! 😀 Respect.

  28. skateboard6734 says:

    Lol,If you listen closely at 1:18 you can hear her say, “You idiot,shut up!” XD

  29. KristalFyre says:

    Just give it some peace and quiet mister! It keeps saying shut up, listen to the superior species! :O!

  30. skateboard6734 says:

    Yes he did XD

  31. skateboard6734 says:

    Lol,I love it when the parrot says “I’ll kick your a** ” at 1:01. Soooooo hilarious!  XD

  32. NaNe Scarlet says:

    you’re my good girl XD hahahah 3:42

  33. anthony riggs says:

    i love what she does with her foot when she says shhhhhh

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