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This is Einstein!

Meet the Knoxville Zoo ‘s avian SUPERSTAR, Einstein. Come visit Einstein the African gray parrot at the Knoxville Zoo’s Bird Show, Knoxville, TN USA.

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36 Responses so far.

  1. Jamigam says:

    2:50 😀

  2. broadwaybound1233 says:

    you’re evil! Ah Ah Ah!

  3. MarcDeLarc says:

    maniacal laugh 3:05

  4. sho kosta says:

    E=MC² (Excrement = Manure x Crap² (or multiplied by itself))

  5. hussain20077777 says:


  6. Bruce Lee says:

    HAHAHAHA I lost it at 3:00

  7. eduzor1 says:

    the parrot is so stunned right there

  8. Lodang9 says:

    hahaha, “can you do a skunk…stinker!” hahaha that bird is freaking awesome!

  9. Rick Edet says:

    OMG..this is Epic!!

  10. tikomhoi says:

    they should teach Einstein to shout “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” “IS THIS NOT WHY YOU ARE HERE?”

  11. 5Cofficial says:

    This is sooo funny lol!

  12. Rafaella Pipko says:

    this is the bet thing but i also saw it on a bird website can u guys give some tips for getting a bird i will get it tommarow

  13. afer asadov says:


  14. cohaitz says:

    Sooooooooo AMAZING !!!!!

  15. lelyano23 says:

    realy waw

  16. DracushorulJr says:


  17. joantinushalim says:

    Aww.. i love u too

  18. ZadniprenkoLazar says:

    Search “zadniprenko lazar” and you will have the clubbers choice of 2k12 Cylz ft.Project LES

  19. lolipop940 says:

    *hapchyu * cutteeeeeeeee

  20. marchaverkate says:

    So cute, owesome

  21. djzoltan82 says:

    normalnie wypas, Awesom


    stinker made me piss myself laughing

  23. Michelle Banks says:

    Love it!!!

  24. sweetpea7191 says:

    So cool!!

  25. aditysha24nov says:

    Hi, there……..she is awesome….my amazon parrot started learning almost all the words and sounds einstine says….What does she say for that peanut thing???? Butter?

  26. Warsito Hartanto says:

    burung yang cerdas ya.

  27. gobluebalter says:

    She’s smarter than most of america

  28. nok hykw says:

    does she understand what women says?

  29. John James Regis says:

    that’s pretty cool

  30. babyballer12345 says:

    Super star

  31. Jipzorowns says:

    but it sucks 🙁

  32. Jonathan flores says:

    Calm down

  33. Souljabomb Boiloki says:


  34. technoman232 says:

    god damn that fuckin music in the background is soooo annoying! i just wanna hear the fuckin PARROT!!!

  35. FrenchHouseGod says:

    1:36 😀 😀

  36. chayenneselleck says:

    das is so schön aber denkt dran es ist nicht normal ein vogel lernt nur wenn er einsam is ich hab 2 vögel einem wellensittich und einen kanarienvogel die beiden wollten die besitzer nicht mehr haben und jeder erzählt mir die beiden kann man nicht zusammen halten die verstehen sich nicht aber sie haben ihre sprache gelernt niemand soll solche vögel alleine lassen wir sind kein ersatz

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