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An Intelligent Cow……..mp4

This is proof for the intelligence of animals… watch how intelligent this cow is.. leave comments pls. -uploader.

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World’s 15 Most Intelligent Animals

There is probably much more in their eyes than we want to see… (Note: of course I didn’t include humans, what would have been the point? Except flattering …

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2 Alex the parrot Gris Du Gabon Intelligent

Alex le Perroquet du Docteur Pepperberg PENSE !!!

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Fletxa – Intelligent rat – Smart clever mouse – Animal intelligence 3.

New adventures of Fletxa, showing how intelligent can be.

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Talking African Grey Parrot: An intelligent conversation with Tui,

My African Grey Tui is 18 months old and has a pretty good vocab. More impressive for me is her understanding of what she says. I recorded a morning conversation of us chatting before we had a shower and started the day. Tui’s vocab is much larger than what is here, and she is learning […]

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