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My First Snow Day! – Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

Einstein doesn’t get to see snow very often in Texas. This time, we brought some inside for her to experience. (This is not the famous “Einstein” that was fe…

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33 Responses so far.

  1. TheBlkKat says:

    Definitely is, check out this video  /watch?v=SzPiTwDE0bE

  2. Jade Russel says:

    aww she is so cute

  3. LpsPop777 says:

    what an amazing parrot i have two cockatiels, Kiwi and Woodstock almost 2

  4. Einstein Parrot says:

    Soon to be 16. Hatched 6/15/97

  5. LpsPop777 says:

    how old is she?

  6. md20gm says:

    That bird does NOT trust the snow!

  7. Nancy Dachouff says:

    Male or Female ?

  8. coreyhasgas says:

    I was born a month and 10 days after her.

  9. Joshua Bentley says:

    Teach her to sing, “Amarillo by Morning” just kidding but Einstein is in Texas that’s cool I’m stationed here my wife’s sister has a A.Grey very smart and curious is it true they have an IQ of a 5 year old?

  10. Yuna Braska says:

    LMAO! The way she keeps lifting her feet XDDDD

  11. Mango Soda says:

    No, white dirt.

  12. Oriru Bastard says:

    I bet I know what she’s thinking.
    “I haven’t ever seen snow in my life but I can already tell this stuff sucks…”

  13. Muhd Azaam says:

    hey right now she is the same age as me! i was born in 97 too XD

  14. Baudfaust Babelfish says:

    The first time I set my bird on some snow she flew to the cage. For 2 months after the snow experience she would run away from me to the back of the cage and didn’t want anything to do with me 🙁

  15. Briant Kim says:

    lol this is better than gangnam style

  16. djtoz90 says:

    No she’s probably thinking “will you stop putting me on this fucking snow”

  17. Ale Lagarda says:

    o.o shes older than me xD

  18. Rachel W says:

    tropical bird + snow….?

  19. Kari Havoth says:

    She’s looking at her owner like, “Ya know I’m tropical- right? We avoid snow.”

  20. LovTheNose says:

    thats mean

  21. EetuThePerfectionist says:

    0:25 Haha! “Hey come back!”

  22. George Lucas says:

    It’s a tropical f’in bird. Why would you think it likes snow???

  23. linaqistina24 says:

    How did you get him to learn something?

  24. Sugar Bird says:

    So Funny at the End !!! She lift a leg – this is too Cold =) !!!

  25. Sugar Bird says:

    Nice Vid !!! Thx for this Idea !!! I’m Curious to know what would be my Parrots Reactions =) !!!

  26. Joseph Light says:

    Buy a snow machine, I bet your bird would like it, maybe. 

  27. pkeropl0x says:

    She’s thinking in her mind, “DAFUQ IS THIS SHIT?”

  28. KiwiAng3l says:

    shes thinking holly mother of god thats cold lol

  29. Taylan Mercan says:

    İ didn’t know they have snow in Africa…

  30. erra404 says:

    I don’t want to walk barefoot in snow either!

  31. Einstein Parrot says:

    Thanks, she is 15. Hatched 6/15/97.

  32. knsbeauty says:

    How old is enstein. She is just beautiful!

  33. sweetlove782 says:

    Einstein’s expression is priceless. So, this is how a parrot can look like when experiencing something new.

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