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Koko African Grey Talking

Koko our 5 year old african grey speaking a little out of his large vocabulary!

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  1. Titanofthe trivial schreef:

    This is quiet the exhibition you have here; not surprising since African
    greys have the vocabulary learning ability of an 8th grader.

  2. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    Your right, they do sound like a human. When I talk to my daughter on the
    phone she hears him in the background and thinks I said something to her.
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Nutmeg82 schreef:

    I love it when he makes the fart sound and says “Excuse me!” Lmao, that’s
    great! I am sure the entertainment never ends with Koko! What an amazing

  4. Cynthia D schreef:

    Koko is fabulous I have a timneh on youtube tons of video’s hope you can
    check them out .. 5 stars !

  5. MVGeneral schreef:

    my africangrey is 6 months and he wistles alot do u now whn they strt tot

  6. noelk100 schreef:

    great bird and tip how to get them to talk thank

  7. weezereli1996 schreef:

    thay sound like robots lolz their voise i wanna get one soo

  8. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    If you have the time and patience, I would definetly recommend an African
    Grey Parrot. But they are like having a child (the responsibility).

  9. Crystal Moore schreef:

    I have a Grey named Koko he is 2 years old….They are a Hot Mess…lOl I
    love Him so much! Greys are the best parrots….:)

  10. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    lol, thanks!

  11. Brianna Nottellingyou schreef:

    Do those things really talk? I want one XD

  12. Amy4Birds schreef:

    Oh my, Koko is a STAR! What a cute boy.

  13. Barbara McClintick schreef:

    I have a CAG named Koko even spelled the same!! They are the greatest of
    creatures!! We love our grey and protect him probably even better than we
    did our human children!

  14. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    Thanks. Koko has a vocabulary of over 250 words. He’s usually very clear in
    what he says. He picks things up really fast so you always have to watch
    what you say around him, but were lucky he’s a very “clean” talking bird.

  15. AL ARRAB schreef:

    i got one with the same name KoKO he’s talking arabic from Morocco Africa

  16. G.Meißner schreef:

    what a funny, smart grey. I’m putting him on my grey Kofi’s playlist. He
    learns a lot of vocabulary by watching birds like Koko talking on you tube.
    I love that you don’t whistle to him.

  17. Antoinette Rahme-Routledge schreef:

    Such a lively cheerful AG, our birds should meet one day LoL it would be

  18. cooljoeh13 schreef:

    rofl thats so cute i wish myn did that but she some inbalences and she
    hates me lol

  19. G.Meißner schreef:

    you can email me any questions too, I have a 2 year old and I’ve had
    parrots my whole life

  20. DSOD666 schreef:

    Love how he waves his foot when saying hello in the beginning.

  21. G.Meißner schreef:

    @01478963255236987 “Bearded Drive Me” is hilarious. My Timneh sometimes
    asks me “Can you cricket?”. I’m never sure how to answer that one.

  22. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    Uhm no he doesn’t? Koko doesn’t swear what so ever. The worst thing he does
    is call someone a “jerk”. Give me the time in the video where you think he
    said it and I will tell you what he really said.

  23. Saad Shafique schreef:

    im interested in adopting a baby african grey parrot does anyone know of
    any good resources and how much adoption fee could run upto? to the owner
    of this beautiful parrot…how hard is it to teach them to talk? thank you

  24. law1118 schreef:

    Very nice looking Grey you have. Thank for sharing your video!

  25. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    Thats cute that Baby talks back to Koko, and Koko does the same when he
    hears himself on video.

  26. Shelia Walters schreef:

    my grey is almost 6 months she makes alot of sounds whistles and says woooo
    and weeee makes a monkey sound but hasnt started talking yet how old was
    koko when he started talking and how do you know when they are trying to
    talk i hear her making sounds like she is trying to talk but havent heard
    anything yet..your koko is pretty looks like my scarlett

  27. rkoots00 schreef:

    im getting one, could u teach me something about them?

  28. ghosty1490 schreef:

    hey im just wondering how would you train him to say some1s name when they
    see them or want them?

  29. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    Koko is very intelligent, and he picks up whatever we try to teach him very
    fast. Believe it or not, he learned quit a few words in a day to a day and
    a half. The more words they know already, the faster they pick new ones up.
    Koko came from a breeder, and they charged $1200.00.. six years ago. Thanks
    for your comment!

  30. ghettocorn schreef:

    ahaha i loved the part where koko made barking sounds and than had that
    cute quick laugh lol that was really funny and cute ^^

  31. jspatz1065 schreef:

    Love your bird Koko. Very good vocabulary.

  32. jspatz1065 schreef:

    That is amazing. I have had my gray Baby for over 7 years. He has a very
    good vocabulary too but not as big as Kokos. The funniest thing is that
    Baby talks back to Koko.

  33. mcdowell220 schreef:

    Very beautiful,smart bird!

  34. firebreath98 schreef:

    i have an african grey named coco lol but he only says hello and also calls
    me by my name and also says stop that but urs is amazing keep up the good

  35. cadsam23 schreef:

    What does he say at :34??

  36. noelk100 schreef:

    very good id look at that all day any tips only got an grey on how to train
    it to talk thanks

  37. lordhelmit3 schreef:

    lol does he say “my taco” at the beginning? 😀

  38. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    Thank You, he is a character!

  39. SCOAlba schreef:

    My African grey is just turning 9 months.. he can say his name, hello etc.,
    whistle cracking tunes and ask for a kiss lol

  40. 01478963255236987 schreef:

    Koko started to talk when he was 3 months old, some pick up faster then
    others, so just keep talking to him as much as you can.

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