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Einstein carves her Halloween Pumpkin

Einstein is carving her pumpkin and getting ready for Halloween night! (This is not the famous “Einstein” that was featured on the TV show Animal Planet Pet …

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  1. EarthsDragonT schreef:

    Einstine is adorable!

  2. Einstein Parrot schreef:

    @Leolene Bautista she is 15, hatched 6/15/97. Started talking at 17 months. Go to the FAQ page of einsteinparrot (dot) com to read the story of her first word on Thanksgiving Day 1998.

  3. Leolene Bautista schreef:

    how old is she already? 🙂 I’ve watched some of her videos dated 5 years ago .. 😀

  4. Leolene Bautista schreef:

    how old is she already? 🙂 i’ve watched some of her videos dated (2007) five years ago ??

  5. OnlineCpu schreef:

    Very very nice pet, I wanna poke him in his belly lol..Keep making more vids please! Keep us up to date with Einstein and it’s silliness xD

  6. rhythmdivine2 schreef:

    my brother was killed by a parrot.

  7. Dani Reyes schreef:

    i think the only other possibility is you may have a slight psychotic issue, in that you like to kill harmless animals.

  8. pokequeenrrpg schreef:

    Happy Halloween and a Merry Corn c:

  9. KiwiAng3l schreef:

    wow thats impressive =) she looks good

  10. Einstein Parrot schreef:

    This one I just chomped on raw. (Hard to say if I really consumed any because I have so much fun chewing it up!) What was lleft over went into my mix of “chop” birdie food. Marcia roasted the other half and I got to eat that mixed in with my meals. So I like it both ways. BTW, she bought a pumpkin that you would make a pie with, they are called “sugar pumpkins”.

  11. Angie Simonsen schreef:

    Happy Halloween Einstein!!! Did Marcia steam/roast/microwave that first? Do you have a preference?

  12. Angie Simonsen schreef:

    Good for you to recognize that!!!

  13. MsCaitlin7 schreef:

    Happy Halloween Einstein!!!

  14. MsCaitlin7 schreef:

    Awww she’s 15!? I did not know that!

  15. Einstein Parrot schreef:

    She is 15. Hatched 6/15/97

  16. rhythmdivine2 schreef:

    there are of course other possibilities but you dont have to see them ^^

  17. cardozinha02 schreef:

    @cardozinha02 wait what how’s my comment spam?

  18. Pitviper1979 schreef:

    I am not sure how this qualifies as spam. My parents have a cockatoo that is scared of everything.

  19. Pitviper1979 schreef:

    Then you are either extremely ignorant or a troll that hate things that are smarter than you are.

  20. Pitviper1979 schreef:

    Just wondering, how old is Einstein?

  21. Pitviper1979 schreef:

    In my experience I am pretty sure that parrots can recognize 2d images. I have an african grey. She is a little over 30 and we are her forth and hopefully final home. She is wicked smart and loves watching chopped on the food network. I have also shown her pictures of different animals and she correctly identifies dogs and cats, since we have a dog and cat. She also makes jokes. If we eat chinese food, she will meow and then laugh.

  22. bioshock0junki schreef:

    Seeing Einstein makes me want a beautiful parrot even more, sadly I know that my lifestyle wouldn’t be good for a parrot :/ sooo i will just keep enjoying her here 😀

  23. Janet Durgen schreef:

    Einstein got me in the Halloween mood. Thank you, Einstein! What fun she was having. Yeah, I remember the messes, the dirty beak, the walls – everything. So cute and happy Einstein is!! Good to see. 🙂

  24. BambooSue11 schreef:

    Einstein, you did a good job carving your pumpkin,”good girl”. What an adorable little artist!!!

  25. jbeandragon schreef:

    as always SO ADORIBLE!!! haha did she do that all by herself?

  26. IM3RKDY0u schreef:

    Its beautiful!

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