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Cheeky 6 Week Old Baby African Grey Parrot.mp4

Here is a video of a gorgeous cheeky 6 week old baby African Grey Parrot that has just been fed and is having a cute little chat!! Beware you will want one!!!

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  1. Marco Maltese says:

    I see… it looks so weak, anyway 🙁

  2. LadyhawkLH says:

    That’s normal for that age, although the grey’s skin is too red. It is too hot and perhaps dehydrated. I raised many clutches of African greys in the 90s.

  3. LadyhawkLH says:

    I raised about a hundred babies. Here are some ideas: Zane, Dorian, Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Yeti, Nessie, Dax, Odo, Kira, Charley, Schoeder, Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla…and so forth. I usually used a “theme” for each clutch. 🙂

  4. HonestMars says:

    Looks like he was placed in popcorn

  5. scarybex says:

    Gosh…so cute! Look at those innocent little eyes 🙂

  6. Asim Khan says:

    hey i dont think u should put those type of wood bedding, because my African grey use to nibble and chew them at night and in the morning blood use to come out of hes shit….. i dont know if u have also been experiencing the same problem?

  7. VaiographyCA says:

    Chicken for dinner.

  8. Marco Maltese says:

    6 weeks and still without plumage???

  9. arhamrana says:

    I have a egg that is about to hatch and yes it is a African Grey but i do not know what to name him or her yet…..and you bird is very cute as well! <3

  10. angelupdates says:

    im getting my baby grey soon he’s called rio.. so so sweet

  11. AquavivaSK says:

    Oh, so lovely piggy. And what strongly voice. Good luck, Cheeky.

  12. Lydia Turner says:

    Mine is Six weeks old I can’t wait to bring it home….

  13. setsunasamachan says:

    I ink he’s growling at the wall. Lolz.

  14. holmsatlarge says:

    Little sweetie!

  15. 17845sharkman20 says:

    so fucking cute!!!!!!!!

  16. xpixilovesmakeupx says:

    Aww lil cutie

  17. kreollicious says:

    awwwwww so cute 

  18. doumardavison says:

    im not very old a boy infact but ive lived with parrots all my life if he waslet go even when weaned other birds would pick on him and maybe kill if not hed die of starvation its lost most of its natural instincts.

  19. moaddab123 says:

    soooooooooooo CUTEEE

  20. Cheyannsmom says:

    Brings back memories of my Greyson being that young- It was so adorable to hear him vocalize at that age…. especially when he got sleepy!! thanks for sharing your precious gem, he is absolutely with out a doubt gorgeous!

    I wish people would just see these videos for what they are (ADORABLE) and quit analyzing the heck out of them!..(((Just my opinion)))).My Grey is not a “pet” he is an actual member of my family and is treated as such

  21. TYMMCHN says:

    Birds make great pets, but require exacting skilled care.

  22. basspig says:

    Looks like he’s going to be a big talker when he grows up. Precious!

  23. zery99 says:

    I remember when my African Grey made those noises lol. Now she just loves getting into “kissing battles” with us. We just go back and forth making kissing sounds. =)

  24. MadisonTuff says:

    @Portraitofsouns1 These birds are bread in captivity, they are not wild, which means they would never be able to fend for themselves. If you have ever owned a bird (especially a parrot) you would realize that these birds are not pets, they are in fact companions and must be treated with respect. If properly cared for, these birds live out very healthy lives, emotionally and physically. Parrots can have a incredibly enriched life while living in captivity, while avoiding the risk of being eaten.

  25. Portraitofsound1 says:

    Kinda sad how they all end up in a cage….these Birds belong in the wild. This little guy is looking for its MOTHER. Get a life not a BIRD

  26. omertoktas says:

    O-o superr

  27. crap4263661 says:

    hey im thinking of getting one myself but how did u make that cage??

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